How to Fail Exams: Strictly for laughs

A friend sent this to me the other day and I thought I post it here for some comic relief. My best one is the question to expand the function (a+b)^n .. classic!!

Published Tuesday, 26 Feb. 2008. 00:02


Wed, 05 Mar. 2008. 13:03 by

haha.physically expanded ..... ( a + b)n

Sun, 30 Mar. 2008. 15:03 by Grand Obos

This is strictly for laugh: "That exam be strong eh!!! but I don show them wheti them want see" how them go di ask me say make I expand, then the put x (eggs) for my front and ask me say make I find x. I give them marking scheme.

Sat, 07 Sep. 2013. 13:09 by Titus Yusinyu

Ha ha ha ha, classic. "find X", "here it is" lol


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