If you're not using Google Analytics, then you're missing out!

Google recently announced that it is making their Google Analytics service available for free. If you're not using Google Analytics, then you're missing out cos it's a must have for all website owners/developers/marketers/sales executive...

This will be of interest to web site publishers for two reasons:

1) This will be a great package for doing advanced tracking of visitors. You will be able to track where visitors are coming from and what they do on your web pages. Knowing the behavior of visitors to your site allows your to target and keep them happy.

2) The analytics service is integrated with AdWords. This will increase the number of websites reporting conversion information to Google, which means that their smart pricing algorithms will have more information to work with. Hopefully this will improve the accuracy of smart pricing.

I have signed up for an account and placed the code on one my sites (http://www.happysend.com) and will be trying it out. I will report more when I have used it for a while.

Published Tuesday, 01 Apr. 2008. 00:04


Tue, 29 Apr. 2008. 16:04 by Terence Ndikum

BOY! From the day I discussed Google Analytics; there was no way I could look back. Now I can do all kinds of analyses relating to traffic to some of my clients websites....Now I am empowered to provide some much needed "Added Value"... for real not the the BS type.


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