Your Reputation is all that matters

Since we started the Happysend Project, we've learnt alot of DO's and DON'Ts about Doing Business With Paysans. One of which is 'Your Reputation is all that matters'. This lesson makes sense in any business environment, whether you're selling vegetables or Jet Bombers. What makes this lesson very very sacrosanct is the recent wave of itnernet scams and fraud that have created victims within the Cameroonian community.

These scams have created a culture of distrust which is harming businesses like who provide services over the internet.

I have never given up on Cameroonian business men and women trading online. However I am cautious. I don't like to be conned or scammed just like you. But we have to fight this distrust from all corners. It's hurting our business community very badly. If you see a scam, tell it to the whole world in forums like this, so that others are informed. IF however you see a genuine service that improves the lives of Cameroonians, please do well to encourage others to use it. Happysend has members of staff in Cameroon who depend on it for their monthly wage. Imagine the effect of having 100 of such businesses who are supported by a bushfaller clientele? That could create hundreds of jobs. This is the kind of thinking that we should engage in, when we see new businesses advertise their services to us.
When we retire and are too old to walk, would we want to stay in the US/Europe or get a quiet retirement in Cameroon? I am sure you want to retire in a peaceful, healthy and safe place? It's in our interest therefore to put pressure wherever we can so that things can get better. Turning a blind eye or washing our hands will not make things happen.

Published Tuesday, 15 Apr. 2008. 00:04



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