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What a GAME???


I am so passionate about football to a fault.  I do not only watch it on TV and for all its entertainment value I am a fierce player for that same reason.


Last night we witnessed one of the best training sessions for sometime on our customary Holy Moses Training session pitting Team A (my team) and Team B at our Lady wood grounds.


Inspiration was borne out the Arsenal – Liverpool debacle 2 days before.  On this day I put myself in front for the role of captain for the night and adopted a 4-2-1-3 formation [it was simple we were going to use our wingers to great effect].


We got the Team B ragged within the first 30 mins of the game with a score of 4-0 to the good.


However, with some “Dodgy” referee moments in the words of Arsenal Wenger we found ourselves down by one goal (4 -1).


As the game ensured our tactics began to suffer as our moral and composure were broken by refereeing decisions and some cardinal faults from our Master Tactician (me).. no kidding.  However, we still kept the faith and work ever so hard.


Within the last 20-30 mins of the session we could not behold the comeback of this team B.  They scored 3 goals in a flash and BOY it was neither pretty nor funny.  I could not bear to watch our well-planned and half-effected strategy going the drains.


Temperatures were high; the atmosphere was fanatic and time wasting was screamed upon us by the opposing team.  In the heat of all these mayhem we stood our ground and held on to a less proud 4-4 draw. WOW, it was incredible.


Overall, I will hold my players in high regards as this was the first time we have employed these particular tactics in our games. Good one guys and have mercy on any of my demeanours of the night….we will do even Better next WEEK.


About Holy Moses FC, Birmingham.

It is a football team setup over 10 years by some Cameroonians and their friends in Birmingham. Our greatest achievement was going unbeaten in one season during the Aston Power league tournament in Birmingham playing alongside players from the Aston Villa youth academy.



Published Friday, 11 Apr. 2008. 00:04


Fri, 11 Apr. 2008. 11:04 by G Nupa

Old boy I second that blog post!!
4-2-1-3 tactics worked magic. As a player in Team B on the night, I can attest to the efficiency of that tactical change. It could have been adapted at half-time to contain the threat from Team B. Good game though, one of the best training sessions ever. Didn't even feel like training!!
Gerald Benitezzz..ha ah hah a hahah a

Fri, 11 Apr. 2008. 20:04 by Piratus Riquelme

As scorer of the equalizer, my attestation to this bluckbster of a footie training session will be hugely corrobative. Imagine being down by four goals scored in circumstances you can't seem to understand, talk less control. Team A's tactics almost worked magic for them. But common, Y do we call football the most passionate game, because even in the most hopeless situations, a spark of belief originating from utter wit, can ultimately culminate in an ecstatic equalizer. It was an equalizer that Team B and I personally orgasmically savoured. Shit...that was some epic of a football game. Biggup to entire Holy Moses squad. Outstanding stuff!

Wed, 29 Jun. 2011. 17:06 by EMF

"Mr T you like football go pass" This your Thursday session seems to be so interesting,u are not only passionate about the Thursday session, but football as a whole, i think it will be brilliant if i talk to Josep Guardiola to sign you a contract with Barca lol !!!!!!!!!!!!! How many years would you like to sign? lol!No se preocupe vale? ha ha ha ha ha


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