Barack Obama and African fusion with the Western Hemisphere – North America!

The name Barack Obama to me epitomises the true extent of how cultural and global the world really is today. His dual heritage, American and African can smoothly connect not just the Americans across bi-partisan lines but the entire continent of Africa with America. 


The new world order of business is now focusing its eyes on Africa i.e. China, India and Russia. WHY?  The world is expressing an unprecedented level of demand for raw materials; this has been fuled by the countries of the east getting richer and the former eastern European Bloc of countries entering an economic "Boost mode”. Africa is has always been the land of raw materials and is still the case today; but this time its an EMERGENCY!


The next President of America – Barack Obama?


Barack Obama has already given to the world through his style and nature of his campaign so far some positive light in the eyes of the world that America at its grassroots level is willing to change. Those who are resisting change are those who want the “status quo” to stay the same. This is evident in the results of all the current primary results.


If America wants to reverse the current slide in the balance of economies and its relation to the worlds then “Change” is the engine they should be riding on.


To foster a grandiose plan of international cooperation, cultural exchange and economic recovery, an Obama type leader is the necessary prerequisite, because he has already united the American people and will bridge other U.S. interest with other global interests.


What NEXT?


There is a new WOLRLD ORDER…. It’s MULTICULTURAL, MULTI-RELIGIOUS and criss-crosses the GLOBE!

America is as important to the world and Vice versa. The next President of America needs to be able to address this from day one.


Good Luck…


See  what Africans are doing to help

Cameroonians, Kenyans, Ghanaians and Zimbabweans.

Published Tuesday, 29 Apr. 2008. 00:04



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