I attended St. Joseph’s College Sasse; after passing my A-levels exams I left for Nigeria in search of opportunities to further my Education at any top University. Unfortunately; I was not fulfilled in my quest and returned home in Cameroon to pursue my dreams. In 1997, I finally landed in UK where I pursued a degree in computer networks for business at the Birmingham City University. After graduation I got into business a few years later with 3klaps. Then came the holy grail of ideas [Happysend.com – a service by 3klaps]; since then it has been very hectic. At Happysend.com we are all about a new paradigm; the use of technology to drive change and encourage business/e-commerce. In my role I am involved from basic concepts around branding, business development and marketing initiatives. Out of the world of business is the Cameroonian community in Birmingham; which is to say the least fantastic. We are engaged in football on a weekly basis and have our regular come together as friends within a social gathering.

I am Terence Ndikum and here in my blog I will be sharing infromation about my daily life, some my projects and articles about my opinion on various subjects. Please do stay tuned for more...

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